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We the People Competitions

Students from all corners of Virginia compete to see who will become the next We the People State Champion.


Frequently questions and answers

We the People competitions in Virginia are for middle and high school We the People teams. Teams may be regularly rostered classes or club teams for both middle and high school competitions. Only regularly rostered classes are eligible to compete at the We the People National Finals, per the rules set by the Center for Civic Education.

Teachers register their class(es) online to compete in the December and January competitions. Intent to compete forms need to be completed by the teacher in order to bring a team to regionals or states.

Participation in a regional competition is required for high schools to compete at the state level. Schools may elect to compete in any regional competition, in-person or virtual, held in December. The top 9 scoring high schools in the regional finals are invited to compete in the state competition. 

There are no regional competitions for middle schools. Those wishing to compete at the state competition simply need to register in advance.

Schools are encouraged to hold in-school competitions as practice for regional and state competitions.

The winning high school class has the opportunity to represent Virginia at the We the People National Finals in April. Occasionally, Virginia is invited to also send a wildcard team, which is typically the 2nd place team from States. 

Any middle school team who competed at the State Finals is welcome to sign up to compete at the We the People National Invitational in May. Teams do not have to have won the state competition to qualify.

There is never a fee for students to register to compete at a regional or state competition in Virginia.

Classes who advance to national competitions will need to fundraise for the trip to northern Virginia, usually organized by WorldStrides in coordination with the Center for Civic Education. VA Civics is not involved in the planning for national competitions.

The Questions

Students compete using a pre-determined list of questions, usually distributed by the Center for Civic Education in late August each year.


We rely on volunteers to serve as judges, facilitators, and timers.