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Virginia Civics

The home of the Virginia We the People and Project Citizen programs, working to transform every student in Virginia into an informed, engaged, and active citizen.

What is VA Civics?

VA Civics is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that promotes constitutional literacy, critical thinking, and civic engagement to empower the next generation of leaders in Virginia. VA Civics offers professional development opportunities for teachers, teaching resources, and classroom support, and runs annual We the People competitions and Project Citizen showcases.

Putting civics into action

The Work We Do

VA WtP State Finals

We the People

Instructs students in the history and principles of American constitutional democracy, and promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s students.

Project Citizen

Promotes responsible participation in local and state government, and helps students learn how to monitor and influence public policy.

Teacher Training

Our We the People teacher cohorts engage in a year-long training series with extensive mentorship from experienced teachers and programs with top constitutional scholars.

Joining forces for a better future

In partnership with the Virginia Commission on Civic Education, Virginia Civics is spearheading the Virginia Civics Coalition, a group of organizations and individuals committed to advancing effective and meaningful civic learning policies and practices.

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A Message From Our Co-Directors

Thanks for stopping by to learn about the work of Virginia Civics. We’re about bringing people together and helping students to develop the necessary skills to work through some of our biggest challenges as a community. And while we do live in challenging times, we know that when our students understand our shared constitutional history, when they know how to work as a team, and when they know how to engage in critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning, and civil discourse, our constitutional self-government is always going to work better tomorrow than it does today.

These are the skills that programs like We the People and Project Citizen instill in our students, and that is why we want every student in Virginia to participate in them.

We hope you will join us in this crucial mission. Help us invest in the future of our democracy.

Jen Patja Howell & Emily Voss

Co-Executive Directors, VA Civics

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